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Phanpy E-Joy S2 Breast Pump

The wearable breast pump has always been a star product amongst breastfeeding tools of Phanpy. Young mothers no longer want to feel restrained while breastfeeding. They desire the freedom to breastfeed while working or engaging in entertainment activities. It has emerged as a new fashion statement.


To meet the heightened demand of mothers for wearable breast pumps, Phanpy has meticulously refined and devoted a year of effort. With unwavering commitment to scientific research and development, we proudly introduce the YIQIAO 2.0 wearable electric breast pump.


Compared to its predecessor, YIQIAO 2.0 wearable electric breast pump boasts 8 significant upgrades, showcasing our sincere commitment to innovation. With these enhancements, we invite mothers to embark on a brand-new level of breastfeeding experience through the world of wearable pumping.



Upgrade 1:

Hands-free Enhancement:

Building upon the existing hands-free and wearable design, the YIQIAO 2.0  electric breast pump introduces a revolutionary feature that allows mothers to comfortably recline at an angle of up to 120 degrees while effortlessly expressing milk. This remarkable advancement truly enables unrestricted and liberated breastfeeding, providing an unparalleled level of convenience and comfort.


Upgrade 2

Pump valve upgrade:

Enhancing the efficiency of milk expression, the pump valve upgrade increases milk yield by 42% per unit of time. It promotes better milk drainage, leading to a 65% increase in let-down response. With this improved pumping experience, breastfeeding mothers gain an additional 60 minutes of sleep per day.


Upgrade 3:

Mode Enhancement:

In addition to the existing milk expression and letdown modes, the Yiqiao 2.0 electric breast pump introduces a soothing massage mode. This feature effectively clears any blocked milk ducts or obstructions, providing intelligent and comforting massages. Prepare to immerse yourself in a spa-like experience, ensuring a blissful breastfeeding journey.


Upgrade 4:

Increased Suction Levels:

YIQIAO 2.0 electric breast pump offers a total of 3 milk expression modes, each equipped with 8 adjustable suction levels. This extensive range of options allows mothers to personalize their pumping experience, tailoring it to their individual preferences and comfort.


Upgrade 5:

New and Improved 24mm Silicone Breast Shields:

We're excited to introduce the upgraded 24mm silicone breast shields for the YIQIAO 2.0 electric breast pump. These shields are designed with your comfort in mind. They're made from a soft and flexible silicone material that provides a better fit and coverage. You'll feel more at ease as they gently surround your breasts during pumping sessions. Plus, we've included a 20mm converter, giving you even more options to choose from. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible on your breastfeeding journey.


Upgrade 6:

LED Touchscreen

Experience the future with our latest upgrade - LED touchscreen replacing the traditional physical buttons. Say goodbye to complicated operations and hello to simplicity, clarity, and a touch of sophistication. Our LED touchscreen offers a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. With just a glance, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.


Upgrade 7:

Noise Reduction Enhancement

Embrace tranquility with our latest noise reduction upgrade, ensuring a disturbance-free environment with noise levels below 48dB. We understand that a peaceful pumping experience is of utmost importance, and that's why we have taken extra measures to minimize noise interference.


Upgrade 8:

Upgrade in Functionality:

Low Battery Alert

One-Click Pause

Duration Display

Automatic Shutdown in Idle State

Program Memory Design

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