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Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Darling,


From the moment you were born, I felt the sense of duty as a mother, with your life intertwined with mine, your every breath, every move stirring my heart.


To ensure your growth, breastfeeding became the most important task for me every day. I didn't know how to start breastfeeding, how to latch you on correctly, or even how to let you latch on properly. Being a first-time mom, there were so many things I didn't know, which made me very anxious.


Every time you suckled, you did it with such vigor, sometimes even biting me when you were anxious. But I wasn't sad, even felt happy, because it showed that you were a healthy and strong baby, although my breasts really hurt.


In the first few months after you were born, you often cried and demanded to be fed in the middle of the night. Having taken care of you all day long, I was already exhausted. But to prevent you from going hungry, I had to get up in the middle of the night to feed you over and over again. Thus, during the breastfeeding period, my emotions were fragile and sensitive, yet I was moved by the dependence of such a young life on its mother.


As you grew, your demand for breast milk increased, and my milk supply couldn't keep up with your needs. Watching you sleep soundly in my arms, so small and soft, so lovable, I wanted to persevere. So I embarked on the battle to boost my milk supply, which was challenging at times, but thankfully, I succeeded in the end. I'm truly happy.


Breast milk is the best expression of maternal love. Although the breastfeeding process is full of hardships, I'm not afraid. Just like an old friend, my Phanpy breast pump will accompany me through every step, from starting, pumping, to boosting milk supply, meeting the different needs of breastfeeding at different stages.


With love,

Your mom


Happy Mother's Day! I hope every mom in the breastfeeding period can have a comfortable breastfeeding experience.

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